Halal Empowerment & Loan Program

We will train, mentor, finance youths across Africa.



The HALAL EMPOWERMENT AND LEADERSHIP PROGRAM (HELP INITIATIVE) is a social reformation program from RELIANCE COOPERATIVE SOCIETY LTD in Partnership with Ummah Capital, Ummah Ride, Ummah Business Academy, Ummah Dawah Academy, and IATECH Consult. Through this initiative, we would train, mentor, equip and empower 5000 Youths on the 21st Century Skills for Job creation and Employability.

Benefit of the Program

Education and Business Loan without Interest


Job Recruitment Opportunity

Free Skills Acquisition

Entrepreneurship Training

Stages of Application

Registration stage

  • Register

    All interested participants are required to register to become a member of the cooperative via our website (oneummahcoop.com/help) and pay a registration fee of One Thousand Naira Only (N1,000).

  • Mail

    A mail would be sent acknowledging your payment and membership.

Online Training stage

  • Monthly trainings/ seminars

    ❖ Leadership
    ❖ Entrepreneurship
    ❖ Financial literacy

Savings Stage

  • Savings

    Members are expected to save a minimum amount of Three Thousand Naira (N3,000) monthly

Loan Application Stage

  • After saving for six (6) months, you are qualified to apply for a loan by writing a loan application letter to the head of finance department of the cooperative

Evaluation & Verification stage

  • At this stage, the finance department of the cooperative would evaluate the financial standing of the cooperative and also verify your credibility and ability to pay back the loan. If you are found worthy, the loan would be granted in due course