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At Ummah Capital, we believe in uniting the power of investments with the spirit of giving. Our Halal-Vest product offers you the opportunity to grow your wealth while making a real difference in the world.

Invest for Positive Impact

Support Businesses in Agriculture, Education, ICT, and Oil & Gas Sectors

Introducing Halal-Vest, your pathway to ethical investments that make a difference. Invest with us and enjoy a balanced profit distribution model: 30% to charity, 20% to the manager, and 50% to you. Experience the potential for substantial returns while supporting vital sectors in Agriculture, Education, and Oil & Gas.

Begin your journey with a minimum investment of $100, offering a promising 3-5% monthly return. Your partnership lasts a year, and all essential documents await you upon joining us.

With Halal-Vest, your investments go beyond profit. You become a partner in vital sectors that drive community growth and prosperity.

Halal Investments Tailored to Your Values and Ambitions

Experience Financial Growth with Confidence

Witness Tangible Change in Communities Through Your Participation

Your Investments, Their Transformation

Investing with Halal-Vest isn’t just about numbers; it’s about creating real, tangible change in communities and sectors that need it the most. 

Investing with Ethics

Ethical Investments Aligned with Your Beliefs

At Ummah Capital, we understand the importance of investing in alignment with your values and beliefs. Our Halal-Vest product goes beyond traditional investment approaches by offering a rigorous Halal certification process that ensures ethical investments every step of the way.

Halal Certification Process: Our investments undergo a meticulous certification process guided by Islamic principles. This process involves:

Ethical Investments with Impact: Investing with Halal-Vest means your financial growth is rooted in ethical integrity. Our Halal certification process provides you with the assurance that your investments align with your faith and values, allowing you to invest with peace of mind and make a positive impact on society.