Empower Change Through Investments


Welcome to Halal-Vest, where you can invest, earn profit and support charitable causes.Partner with us to share in the profits: 30% to charity, 20% to the manager, and 50% to you. Our Halal business activities focus on Agriculture, Education, and Oil & Gas. Start with a minimum of $100 for a 3-5% monthly return. Your partnership lasts a year. Join us today and receive all necessary documents.

Empower Change Through Investments


Welcome to Ummah-Vest, where you can partner with us for the sake of supporting our charitable endeavours. 100% of our profits goes into charity. Our Halal business activities focus on Agriculture, Education, and Oil & Gas. Start with a minimum of $10 for a 10-15% monthly return all donated to charity. Our charity includes Building of Masjid, feeding the needy, providing health care and education for the underprivileged.



It is important to always seek financial advice before making financial decisions, book a time with our consultant for $10 per hour. You can also get mentorship on Islamic finance for one year for $100.

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Empower Change

Invest in a Better Future

At Ummah Capital, we’re driven by a powerful vision: to unite financial growth and philanthropy through innovative investment solutions. Our mission is to empower individuals like you to invest with purpose, contributing to both your financial prosperity and the betterment of communities in need.


Join The Notable Journey

Many Muslims yearn to give back to their communities and make a meaningful impact through charitable contributions.

However, finding suitable avenues to contribute effectively while ensuring one’s donations are making a tangible difference can be a challenge.

Ummah Capital offers the perfect solution by combining your investment goals with your philanthropic desires. With Ummah-Vest, your investments not only grow but also directly contribute to noble charitable causes, allowing you to fulfill your desire to make a positive change while securing financial returns.

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Why Choose Us?

Our investment products, Halal-Vest and Ummah-Vest, are meticulously crafted to align with your values and aspirations.

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Investment Opportunity

The challenge of discovering investment options that adhere to your values and respect Halal principles can be discouraging.

Faced with a sea of investment opportunities, it’s frustrating when very few meet your ethical and religious criteria, leaving you uncertain about where to invest your funds securely.

Ummah Capital recognizes your need for investments that align with your beliefs. With our Halal-Vest and Ummah-Vest products, we offer a solution that caters to your ethical requirements. You can invest with confidence, knowing that your financial growth is harmonious with your principles, enabling you to support positive change while securing your future.